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I focus on women's issues, health, and parenting. My writing includes brand content, copy writing, reporting, think pieces, trending news, and essays.

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Hillary Clinton's Health Crisis Is Another Word For 'Hysteria' - Role Reboot

No matter what path we take, as women our health conditions are viewed with mistrust and scorn. After Hillary Clinton was escorted from a 9/11 memorial for “overheating,” the nation erupted in a storm of conjecture about her health. Clinton was even called upon to release her personal health information...


On Macklemore's 'White Privilege' (And Mine, Too) - Role Reboot

On Macklemore's 'White Privilege' (And Mine, Too) -...

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It Wasn’t My Husband’s Girlfriend Who Betrayed Me: Why I’m Done Blaming The Other Woman - Role Reboot

She fucked my husband and I’ll never condone that, but she wasn’t the one who pledged me fidelity. If Beyoncé wrote the soundtrack of my life, she wouldn’t describe my husband’s other woman as “Becky with the good hair.” The woman my husband cheated with was certainly no Rachel Roy...

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Defeating Donald Trump Won't End Rape Culture, But Ending Our Victimization Might - Role Reboot

Trump isn’t the other, as Obama suggested in her speech today. Trump is the man who catcalls us as we hurry to work in the rain, with our heads down trying to avoid notice, and he is the man who brushes up against us in the elevator, ever so subtly,...

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I Chased The American Dream And Failed, But Maybe That Dream Isn't For Me - Role Reboot

Buying a house is the cornerstone of the American Dream. I bought into that dream hook, line, and sinker when I was young, but none of it has turned out like I imagined it would. I was supposed to be a homeowner by now. I took a selfie in front...

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How Do I Explain A Trump Victory To My Daughters? - Role Reboot

I don’t know what to tell my daughters because I don’t know what to tell myself. I sent my daughters to bed before it was over for Hillary Clinton, but they knew she was in trouble as they colored in red state after red state on the electoral college maps...

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When You're Estranged From Your Mother On Thanksgiving - Role Reboot

As much as my heart aches for a mother’s love, I breathe a sigh of relief that I’m no longer enmeshed in her web of manipulation and lies. The last Thanksgiving I spent with my mother, we crowded around my dinner table and toasted each other with wine glasses full...

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Resolutions For The Impending Apocalypse - Role Reboot

I don’t know what the next four years will bring, so I’m going to stop clinging to one perfect life plan. Like most of us, I couldn’t wait for 2016 to end. The presidential election cycle was deeply triggering in a way I’ve never experienced before, but I got myself...

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Want To Make A Difference? Don't Serve Meals To The Homeless On Christmas Eve - Role Reboot

It’s easy to donate to a holiday donation drive or to bake a pan of lasagna, but it’s uncomfortable to open yourself up to a stranger in need. It was cold and wet the first time I visited the tent city. It was only a few weeks before Christmas and...

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Why This Single Mom Won't Be Buying Into The Holiday Hype - Role Reboot

For years, everything I loved about Christmas was consumed by the endless expectations, and it took me becoming a single mother to realize I was the only one putting those expectations on myself. I’ve always loved the holidays. For years, my family’s Christmas season began on Black Friday when we...

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Why I Hope My Kids Fail - Role Reboot

High school graduation is important, but so is growing into responsible, caring, and compassionate adults—and you won’t find that on the SATs. “I’ll never be like you,” my daughter tells me. She’s 16 now, angry because I grounded her for skipping school, and I try not to let her barbs...