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I focus on women's issues, health, and parenting. My writing includes brand content, copy writing, reporting, think pieces, trending news, and essays.

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The victim no one's talking about in 4-year-old's shooting of his mom

Four-year-old boy who shot his mother in the back proves why we need better gun control laws....

Family leave policy article
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Forced to choose between my job and a sick family member, I chose the person

It's time to implement paid parental and family leave on a national scale.

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A popular kitchen appliance maker is facing a huge boycott over one word

Instant Pot company spokesperson doubles down on support of the "r-word."...

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Pink put her kid in a car seat, and the internet just can't handle itself

Pink may not care about how the Internet feels about her car seat choices, but many other mothers take online criticism to heart....

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My kids need trigger warnings, and no, it's not coddling them

I'm glad my sons are coming of age in a school system that encourages kids to be respectful of the emotional limits of others....

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Zika forced this mom to move 1,200 miles to protect her unborn baby

What's a pregnant woman to do when the Zika virus comes to town?...

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I used a 'risky' fetal heartbeat monitor and yes, I'd do it again

I knew using a Doppler carried minor risks to my babies, but I knew my sanity was important too....

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I'm that mom who buys junk food for school parties

Once upon a time, I painstakingly crafted party snacks out of organic ingredients using Pinterest to make them festive. Those days are over....

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Why classroom parties are the absolute worst

Are you ready for the holiday terror that is the classroom party?...