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I focus on women's issues, health, and parenting. My writing includes brand content, copy writing, reporting, think pieces, trending news, and essays.

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The Washington Post

What happens when narcissists become parents

Narcissists view their children as a part of themselves. When their children aren't achieving, they withdraw their affection and become disconnected....

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The Washington Post

My teen boys are blind to rape culture

I've told my sons why dismantling rape culture is so important to me, but they will never truly understand how survivors of it feel....

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The Washington Post

Suspect in Washington state mall shooting charged with 5 counts of murder

Court documents say that 20-year-old Arcan Cetin confessed to detectives....

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The Washington Post

Rape culture is a man problem. Why aren’t more men speaking up?

It's up to men to fix the broken legal system they created....

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The Washington Post

I have to learn to care for my suicidal teen with limits but without fear

My son has died a thousand times in my mind. I wonder sometimes whether it will always be that way, and whether I will ever relax again. And at the same time, I have to hold boundaries and be a parent....

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The Washington Post

My mother hovered; I did the opposite. Maybe too much?

My mother raised me not to have emotions, but I raised my children to lose sight of how their emotional reactions impact others....

The Washington Post

After sexual assault, survivors' memories often get foggy. Jian ...

For rape survivors like myself, the decision from Canadian justice William M. Horkins was disturbingly familiar, namely in its common misunderstanding of how sexual assault survivors think and act. The decision failed to recognize that jumbled and fragmented memories are the brain’s way of coping with trauma.

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The Washington Post

Parents of suicidal teens say they feel alone. Here are resources to help.

There's no roadmap for teen suicidal ideation, but here are some resources for parents that may help....

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The Washington Post

Disabled mom: Please stop wishing for a healthy baby. Focus instead on nurturing a joyful child.

Most people probably never consider how their own obsession with being healthy ostracizes and "otherizes" those who can never be healthy....

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The Washington Post

Washington mall shooting suspect confesses to killings

20-year-old Arcan Cetin, arrested over the weekend in Oak Harbor, Wash., calmly told the judge he understood the charges against him....

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The Washington Post

The biggest lie we tell single moms? That life would be easier with a partner.

I wasted years on marriages that were destined for failure because I couldn't conceive of a family without a partner....

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The Washington Post

On Parenting’s most read of 2016

There's a theme to our most popular pieces....

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The Washington Post

Why an inclusive classroom isn’t the best fit for my autistic daughter

I don't know what it feels like to be her, cringing from sensory pain, but I know that the inclusive classroom isn't the panacea I expected it to be....