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I focus on women's issues, health, and parenting. My writing includes brand content, copy writing, reporting, think pieces, trending news, and essays.

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Your slutshaming dress code is distracting my daughter from learning 1382740525.jpg resized 600 article

Your Slut-Shaming Dress Code Is Distracting My Daughter From Learning

Maybe it's not the clothes we wear that define our character, value, or worth. And maybe they don't even create a responsibility for how others view us, or treat......

Turning the other cheek to incest the josh duggar scandal 5976237.jpg resized 600 article

Turning The Other Cheek To Incest: The Josh Duggar Scandal

Make no mistake: Josh Duggar is the one and only person responsible for molesting his sisters. But it's naive to pretend that the environment in which he was......

White liberals black lives matter protesters are targeting bernie sanders and us for a reason 1784742055.jpg resized 600 article

White Liberals, Black Lives Matter Protesters Are Targeting Bernie Sanders (And Us) For A Reason

The more I pondered Saturday's events, the more I began to recognize that, by and large, I've simply never had to take such dramatic action in order to be heard.......

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10 Reasons I'm Not Afraid That My Daughter Is Playing High School Football

My daughter has a twin brother, whom she's pretty much been beating down since they were in utero. She was born kicking ass...

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7 Things I've Learned From Raising 7 Kids | Viral Women

23 hours ago ... jody. 3. Organization Is Far Less Important Than Time. One of the most ... This story by JODY ALLARD originally appeared on, ......